The company

Cambios Chaco S.A. it has been authorized by Resolution No. 13, Act No. 72 of May 24th, 1989, of the Central Bank of Paraguay.

The Company started as a Limited Liability Company, in 1992, it has transformed its Corporate Name into a Public Limited Company with the purpose of adjusting to the requirements of the financial entities involved within the control framework of the Superintendency of Banks, inspection body of the currency exchange.

Being a Public Limited Company, the Board of Directors is the deliberative body of the entity and it is composed of two sole shareholders, two regular members and two alternate members, all of Paraguayan nationality and with extensive experience in the exchange business.


Our mission is to be recognized as the currency exchange that offers its clients the best service in changes and transfers with efficiency, responsibility and competitive prices.


Currently Cambios Chaco S.A. is a source of work for more than 250 people. Aware that the greatest asset of a company is represented by its human resources, we have implemented a schedule of permanent training for officials, tending always to the provision of services oriented to total quality. It is important to mention that the culture of the company consists of the satisfaction of the Clients, fundamental factors to achieve continuous and sustained growth, providing trust, security and seriousness, props on which the entire organizational structure is based, committed to Quality, Transparency, Professionalism, and Ethics in the Business World.


Cambios Chaco S.A. is a company that accompanies the innovations in the technological area so it has made significant investments in what hardware and software is concerned, seeking to streamline its operating processes, so that they are safe and reliable for customers, supervisors and the executives. In addition, all the premises are equipped with cutting edge cameras that are constantly monitoring and recording the daily movement, in order to create a safe environment for customers, which constitutes an important competitive advantage.


Currently, Cambios Chaco S.A. is immersed in a national expansion plan looking for new points that offer business opportunities, also seeks to establish new contacts at an international level, always with the aim of providing customers with a better service through greater proximity to them.

Cambios Chaco S.A. strives to maintain its leadership in terms of profitability and positioning in the exchange market, a fact that confirms that our company will always be in search of excellence and achievement of the objectives set by Senior Management, taking quality as a standard in the service and the satisfaction of its customers.